At-Home Euthanasia

Woman kissing an elderly dog

Why At-Home Euthanasia for Pets?

For any pet-parent, ensuring your animal is comfortable and in the best care is a top priority, especially when is comes to their final moments of life. We recognize that this topic is sensitive, intimate, and difficult to process. Our personable team is here to guide you every step of the way to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for your pet and family. Each pets' journey is different, so please contact to discuss how we can support you.

What to expect from an At -Home Euthanasia:

Every animal's journey to the rainbow bridge is important and unique, but there are a few differences between an at-home euthanasia vs. one in a facility. One of the benefits many have found is that their pet's final moments were spent in a familiar, comforting setting surrounded by all who love them. Veterinary offices are great for other procedures, but they can also be an unfamiliar and unsettling environment for animals, especially if they are in any sort of discomfort. During an at-home euthanasia, our team will take care of everything. Once the procedure is finished, there are options for a private or group cremation, a paw print gift, or whatever is most fitting for your family. If you have any questions regarding the at-home euthanasia process, please contact us.

Is an At-Home Euthanasia right for my pet?

This question can have many answers, but much this is dependent on your pets' quality of life. Pet-parents know their animals better than anyone, and if you sense that your pet is suffering, it's worth having a discussion about. Our team is here to support whatever decision you feel suits your animal's quality of life best. While no one wants to have these conversations, and many aspects of them can be subjective, it's critical to talk about your pet's health status to ensure that the timing is right and that your family can be a prepared as possible.


  • A conversation (call or in-person) with the veterinarian who is the partner in care for the pet
  • Sedation to ease the pet into calm and comfort
  • Aftercare: a private cremation and paw print, group cremation, or private family burial


$425 Euthanasia

$255 Private Cremation and Paw Print

$133.21 General Cremation